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Born in New Caledonia (France), Valérie Morignat is a photographer, an Experience Design expert, and a tenured Associate Professor of Cinema and of Digital Arts.
She graduated from the Sorbonne University of Paris with a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and Art Sciences and taught for over 16 years in prestigious universities in France, Asia-Pacific, and the United States. She's travelled and lived worldwide, working as a senior consultant, a designer, a keynote speaker and a professional photographer. She is now permanently based in San Francisco where she is the Director of Experience Design at Giant Creative Strategy.

Valerie Morignat’s movies, photos and artworks have been exhibited internationally in contemporary art fairs, galleries and national museums, including Rome, Mexico, Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York (Chelsea Galleries), Paris (Centre Georges Pompidou), Sydney (Sydney Opera House), Venice (Palazzo Correr) and Nouméa (Centre Culturel Tjibaou). In addition, they have been shown in more than 20 countries and are part of national and private collections.

She was a finalist and an award-winning photographer in several international art and photo contests (including Arte Laguna Prize, IPA, and Sony World Photography Awards). Valerie Morignat’s diverse portfolio includes: fine art, studio, night, underwater, urban and architecture photography, as well as creative design for responsive and interactive environments. Her strong background – as a creative director and a specialist of visual semiotics – enables her to develop compelling creative solutions on complex, multidimensional projects.

A highly passionate individual, Valerie is the founder of ECLIPSE IMAGING PEOPLE, an organization promoting young photographers, and the CEO of a full-service agency focusing on strategic consulting and holistic digital strategies in New Caledonia (2010-2015). Permanently based in San Francisco, she provides high-end photographic services and Experience Design consulting.


Phone: (+1) 650-278-7290

Immersed Art

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Valérie Morignat's underwater images emerge from a beam of references to art history, literature and cinema. Symbols of fleetingness, air bubbles interacting with characters are evocations of the XVIIth century Netherlands Vanitas paintings. The theme of illusion as well as the cinema of Jean Cocteau inspire perceptual games in mirrors and water surfaces. In the series «Miracle Forever», awarded by the International Photography Awards Jury in 2009, the legacy of Painting influences the portraits. Caravaggio slips into the night photography chiaroscuro, isolating faces within dark liquids revived only by the breath of the models.
In the series entitled 'Dante's Mirror', Baroque signs express themselves in oval portraits as well as in low-angle shots which leave behind human forms a cloudy sky appearing through concentric circles of the surface.

Integrated Design

The artistic work of Valérie Morignat expands the realm of Fine Art Photography to the one of integrated Design. Underwater images and digital lighting canvases conceived by Valérie emerge from the depth to conquer the field of contemporary interior Design. The artist collaborates with designers of smart objects and interior architects to produce rich media environments where Photography becomes a piece of Design.

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Eclipse Imaging People

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Founded by Valérie Morignat, Eclipse is a not-for-profit organization promoting fine art photography and audiovisual creativity in the South Pacific. Eclipse organizes festivals, exhibitions, events, workshops and promotes young talents.

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